How can using too many antibiotics affect resistance?

 In the medical world, one big cause for concern is increasing antibiotic resistance. In recent years, we have seen an increase in antimicrobial resistance. So, what exactly is this phenomenon, and how can the overuse of antibiotics contribute to this rising problem? First things first, what are bacteria? Bacteria are the germs which are found […]

How To have the Perfect Smile for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life; looking and feeling your best is crucial to ensuring you enjoy your special day. If you are after the perfect smile for your wedding day, here is your guide to achieving it: Prepare in Advance: Be sure to implement good oral care […]

Smoking… Is it Really That Bad for Your Teeth?

It is widely known that smoking severely negatively impacts our health, and our oral health is no exception. Smoking is certainly bad for your teeth, and we’ll explain why. Keep on reading for an insight into the relationship between smoking and its impact on your teeth: Staining: The visible impact of smoking is staining on the […]

The Science Behind What Makes Us Attracted to a Nice Smile

As humans, there is something about a nice smile that always catches our eye. A smile is often considered one of the most appealing features, but why exactly is that? Keep on reading to find out the science behind what makes us attracted to a nice smile: Healthy Teeth and Gums: When we see a […]

Top 5 Money-Saving Tips for Your Oral Health 

For a confident smile and overall well-being, maintaining good oral health is key. However, the cost of dental care can sometimes present you with obstacles in meeting your dental care needs. At My Chemist Plus, we understand the need to save money and the importance of a healthy mouth. To help you out, we have […]

Top 5 Foods to Improve Your Oral Health

Maintaining good oral health is crucial to keeping your well-being intact. Oral health issues can sometimes lead to diseases which in turn can increase the risk of heart disease. Enforcing good oral health requires regular brushing and flossing, and also involves making smart decisions in your diet. Keep on reading to learn about the top […]

Fun Facts About Your Children’s Teeth

Watching your child grow is an exceptionally rewarding experience, we are often fascinated by the rapid growth and development of our children, including their teeth! Keep on reading to learn some fun and interesting facts about children’s pearly whites. Superhero Teeth: This one may surprise you – the enamel on your child’s teeth is super […]

Why are people more likely to get sick during periods of cold weather?

Cold weather doesn’t make you ill, however, it can increase your chances of becoming ill. Illnesses such as colds and flu are more common in winter months, and you are at greater risk if you come into contact with someone who is already infected with one of these viruses.   Below are some of the […]

The benefits of using an online chemist

As spending habits have changed and availability for products have grown thanks to the advent of internet shopping, there are fantastic benefits of using an online pharmacy. Here we highlight the advantages of using My Chemist Plus Straight forward ordering and efficient delivery My Chemist Plus offers a simple ordering process for an extensive range […]

How do you prepare your child for coughs and colds this winter?

In the UK, our winters tend to be extremely cold with freezing temperatures. When it comes to our children, as much as we’d like to, it is difficult to keep them wrapped up in cotton wool. Below we have put together a little guide of handy tips to help keep our children protected from coughs […]

How mindfulness can help with your skin care routine

Studies have shown that mindfulness can help reduce stress, improve our concentration, and help us feeling good overall. Mindfulness is about being present in the moment and focusing all your attention to your mind and body, but did you know it can also help with your skincare routine?! Below are some tips in which incorporating […]

Plans in place for bird flu pandemic & how to spot the signs of an infection

Avian influenza, which is commonly known as bird flu is a disease which primarily affects birds, poultry, and captive birds. While there are very rare, isolated cases of the virus in humans, evidence suggests that the virus does not spread easily between people. The UKHSA have a comprehensive monitoring system in place to prevent the […]

if you use too much antibiodics how it can affect resistence

Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria changes in a way where antibiotics become less effective, and in turn illnesses become difficult to treat. It is difficult to see whether antibiotics are no longer working whilst taking them at home. You may notice yourself getting sicker and may eventually require hospital admission. People with weakened immune systems […]

Is it time to switch to online pharmacies?

With winter quickly taking a grip of the United Kingdom, it is important to know how to deal with the associated health implications of the cold weather. Now it is a common misconception that your immune system is weaker over the winter. It is the fact more time is spent indoors in winter so it […]

How To Stay Healthy This Winter

With winter quickly taking a grip of the United Kingdom, it is important to know how to deal with the associated health implications of the cold weather. Now it is a common misconception that your immune system is weaker over the winter. It is the fact more time is spent indoors in winter so it […]

What Is Orlistat?

Orlistat is a medicine which can help you to lose weight if you are obese or overweight. It works by interfering with the way that fat is digested and absorbed into the body. Doctors have guidelines as to when orlistat can be prescribed. You can also buy orlistat from pharmacies – but certain conditions apply, […]

Lashing Out Make Your Eyelashes Grow

When glaucoma sufferers started using the eye-drop drug Lumigan eight years ago, who knew there’d be fringe benefits: longer, lusher, darker eyelashes. Eventually, Allergan, the makers of the drug, sped it into clinical trials (this time for hypotrichosis, aka underdeveloped eyelashes), repackaged it, gave it a girly name (Latisse), and marketed it for its lash-boosting […]