How do you prepare your child for coughs and colds this winter?

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In the UK, our winters tend to be extremely cold with freezing temperatures. When it comes to our children, as much as we’d like to, it is difficult to keep them wrapped up in cotton wool. Below we have put together a little guide of handy tips to help keep our children protected from coughs and colds during winter. 

  1. Warm clothing

Although you may think this is common sense, it is essential to make sure children are kept warm during the cold weather, especially toddlers. Children are more vulnerable to colds, so, making sure they have extra layers of clothing on will minimise exposure to harsh weather and reduce the risk of getting ill.

  1. Hygiene

Children tend to get ill more often than adults as they don’t tend to wash their hands very well and don’t cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze. Therefore, germs and other viruses can easily spread especially between nursery and school aged children. Make sure your child practices washing their hands regularly with soap and water and cover their mouth whilst coughing and sneezing. You could explain how doing this can help fight germs and bacteria to keep them protected.

  1. Immunisation

 Make sure their vaccines and immunisations are all up to date which will keep them protected against Influenza and other serious illnesses.

  1. Keep hydrated!

Children often don’t feel thirsty during cold weather, so it is essential for us to remember to keep them hydrated, which helps build immunity during the winter.

  1. Healthy Food

Preparing healthy, nutritional food for your children during winter will help to boost their immunity and keep their tummies full and happy!

  1. Exercise

Getting your children out and about daily for some fun exercise will make them less prone to catching colds.

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