Smoking… Is it Really That Bad for Your Teeth?

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It is widely known that smoking severely negatively impacts our health, and our oral health is no exception. Smoking is certainly bad for your teeth, and we’ll explain why. Keep on reading for an insight into the relationship between smoking and its impact on your teeth:

Staining: The visible impact of smoking is staining on the teeth. Substances found in cigarettes such as nicotine and tar can result in yellow or brown stains on tooth enamel. These Stalin’s are often challenging to remove, resulting in a discoloured smile.

Oral Cancer: The most serious impact of smoking is perhaps the increased risk of oral cancer. The substances in tobacco create damage in the mouth, potentially resulting in cancerous lesions. Regular check-ups with a dentist are a necessary step in detecting cancer in the early stages.

Bad Breath: Separate from the visible impact and damage to the body, smoking can also cause bad breath. Tobacco chemicals linger in the mouth and lungs long after smoking a cigarette which in turn emits a bad odour that can be difficult to mask. At My Chemist Plus, we offer a range of affordable prescription and pharmacy oral healthcare products that can aid in improving your oral health.

In conclusion, smoking is certainly bad for your teeth. From increased risk of cancer to unpleasant aesthetic concerns, the consequences of smoking far outweigh any perceived benefits. For more information on your oral health care, be sure to check out our blog page.

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