Fun Facts About Your Children’s Teeth

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Watching your child grow is an exceptionally rewarding experience, we are often fascinated by the rapid growth and development of our children, including their teeth! Keep on reading to learn some fun and interesting facts about children’s pearly whites.

  1. Superhero Teeth: This one may surprise you – the enamel on your child’s teeth is super strong, even stronger than bone! Tooth enamel is one the toughest substances in the body to ensure your little ones can successfully chew, bite, and crunch their food.
  1. Dental “Fingerprints”: Every aspect of your child is unique, including their teeth! Each child’s dental structure is distinct to them, including their baby teeth.
  1. Space Savers: Baby teeth have many uses – they help children chew their food and also act as space holders for their adult teeth. Their straight and healthy adult teeth gain alignment from these tiny placeholders.
  1. Teething Troubles: Teething is often a challenging time for both children and parents alike. Symptoms can include compulsion to chew on anything in sight, irritability, and drooling. Children usually begin teething around six months of age, but this can vary.
  1. Champion Brushers: Building good oral hygiene habits early on is crucial. Our child should start to brush their teeth regularly as soon as their first tooth appears. Most children should be able to brush their teeth with supervision by age three.

Learning about your child’s health in a fun way helps both you and your child. Use these facts to start conversations with your child on the importance of good dental habits to set the stage for a lifetime of bright smiles.

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