Loceryl (Alternative to Curanail) 5% Nail Lacquer

  • Anti-Fungal Prescription Treatment
  • Contains Amorolofine
  • Alternative to Curanail
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What is Loceryl?

Loceryl is a popular prescription treatment and anti-fungal used to treat fungal finger and toe nail infections. Loceryl is known to have high success rate in clearing fungal nail infections in as little as 6 months.

The active ingredient found in Loceryl is known as Amorolofine an anti-fungal treatment. Amorolofine works effectively in killing fungus responsible for causing nail infections. Although fungal nail infections are very common and not necessarily severe or life threatening, they can be cosmetically unpleasant and can affect ones self confidence not to mention contagious.

Fungal nail infections usually present themselves with the following clinical characteristics

dry and brittle, discoloured and broken nails.



  • Start by filing the affected nail which will allow the Loceryl nail lacquer to permeate the nail surface of the affected nail.
  • Wipe the affected nail clean using some swab dipped in water and apply some Loceryl lacquer to the whole surface of the affected nail.
  • Allow the Loceryl lacquer to dry.
  • Be careful not to get the Loceryl lacquer on the skin surrounding the affected nail.
  • Remember to clean the Loceryl applicator after each application.
  • Once the Loceryl lacquer is dry it is waterproof.
  • We advise you to continue to applying Loceryl until the fungal infections begins to clear and a new healthy nails starts to grow. This process can take up to 6 months for fungal nail infections and up to 12 months for toe nail infections


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