Fungal Nail Infection

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Fungal nail infections are very common. They are caused by the same fungus that causes athelete’s foot. Anti-fungal creams, sprays, lacquers, and gels can all be effective in treating both conditions and preventing any re-infections.

Although mostly seen in toenails, it is not impossible to develop an infection in the fingernails. They often start at the edge of the nail, spreading to the centre, making the nail discoloured and thicker in parts. Due to the nail becoming brittle, parts, or even the whole nail can break off, causing swelling and discomfort.

Anyone can get a nail infection; however, they are more likely to occur in older adults or those who have experienced trauma to the area or have a weakened immune system.

To lessen the chances of infection, it is important to keep your nails clean and dry, change socks regularly and wear footwear in pool areas and communal showers.

There are several treatment solutions when it comes to fungal nail infections, and we have a range of nail lacquers available. The branded solutions are the likes of Curanail (which is bought over the counter), Locaryl and we also stock the generic equivalent Amorolfine.

Amorolfine 5% is a topical anti-fungal nail polish which has been clinically proven to clear up to 85% of fungal fingernail infections and 75% of toenail infections within six months.
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