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  • Active Ingredients: Atovaquone And Proguanil Hydrochloride
  • Prophylaxis Against Malaria
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Malarone contains the active ingredients Proguanil and Atovaquone used to protect from malaria when travelling to hit risk areas. Malaria is a serious disease and particularly prevalent in tropical countries. The disease is passed on by bites from infected mosquitoes. Infected female mosquitoes carry a parasite called plasmodium in their stomachs. This parasite is passed on to us when you are bitten.

If you are intending on travelling to areas at risk of malaria it is important you consider malaria prophylaxis to ensure you are protected. We also advise you take protective clothing to avoid skin exposure, insect repellants and sleep in screened rooms.

It is important you consult your GP if any one of the following apply to you;

  • Pregnant
  • Trying for a baby
  • Breast-feeding
  • If you suffer from any Kidney related medical conditions

How To Take Malarone

You should take Malarone 1 or 2 days before entering the area at risk of malaria. You are advised to take one tablet daily throughout your stay and continue to take for one week after you return.

There are two strengths of Malarone tablets available 250 mg/100 mg tablets and 62.5 mg /25 mg tablets.

  • Adult or Children who weigh over 40 kg the dose is one 250 mg/100 mg tablet daily.
  • Children weighing 31-40 kg the dose is three 62.5 mg/25 mg tablets daily.
  • Children weighing 11-21 kg the dose is one  62.5 mg/25 mg tablet daily.


The tablets should be taken at the same time each day with a snack. Ideally they should be swallowed whole but for children you can crush them and mix with food or drink.

If you vomit within 1 hour of taking the tablet you are advised to take another dose.

If you forget to take a tablet, take one as soon as you remember. If however you remember the following day then omit the missed dose and take your normal daily dose. Do not take two doses together.


Additional information

Weight N/A


(TWELVE month), 16 (ONE week), 19 (TEN Day), 23 (TWO week), 30 (THREE week), 37 (FOUR week), 51 (SIX week), 65 (EIGHT week), 79 (TEN week), 93 (TWELVE week), 193 (SIX month)

Side Effects


Most common side-effects  What Should I Do?


Abdominal Pain

 If you are sick within one hour of taking a dose then take a second dose
Diarrhoea Stay hydrated
Headache Stay hydrated and take simple analgesia if required and suitable to take
Common side-effects What Should I Do?
Cough, feeling dizzy, high temperature (fever), itchy rash, sleeping problems, unusual dreams, feeling low, lack of appetite These Side effects stop once you stop taking the medication


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