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What is Mometasone Nasal Spray?

We are quite often asked, what is Mometasone Nasal Spray?

Mometasone Furoate is a Hay fever Nasal Spray which is used to treat and prevent various hay fever symptoms such as sneezing, itching and a blocked or runny nose. It contains the active ingredient known as Mometasone Furoate which is a steroid with anti-inflammatory purpose.

Steroids are man-made hormones; hormones that are normally produced by the bodies’ adrenal glands (located just above the kidneys). When the steroid is sprayed it immediately starts to reduce inflammation.

While usually used for treating various hay fever symptoms, it can also be used to treat nasal polyps in adults aged 18 and over.

Polyps are small growths along the inside lining of the nose, typically affecting both nostrils. With Mometasone nasal spray helping reduce the inflammation, the polyps progressively shrink, removing any feeling of a blocked nose and or breathing problems.

For more information, please check the patient information leaflet, here.

Hay fever Nasal Spray

For those suffering from hay fever, Mometasone Nasal Spray can be used as a hay fever nasal spray and helps relieve symptoms such as…

Stuffy, itchy or runny nose


All of the above affecting the nose can cause inflammation; the inflammation causes swelling, the swelling then causes your nose to feel blocked and reduces the ability to breathe.

Hay fever occurs at certain points in the year. During this time there is an increase in pollen production from trees, grass, weeds, fungal moulds and spores. When the pollen is inhaled it can cause a whole variety of different symptoms for different people. Mometasone Nasal Spray is used primarily for inflamed and irritated nostrils.


What is Mometasone Furoate Used For?

We are often asked “What is Mometasone Furoate Used For?”

Mometasone Furoate Nasal Spray can be used to help relieve allergies such as hay fever and perennial rhinitis in children and adults over the age of three.

Hay fever can cause symptoms such as a blocked, runny or itchy nose. The itchy or runny symptoms can cause inflammation in the nostrils, therefore increasing the feeling of them being blocked.

Generally hay fever occurs at certain times in the year and perennial rhinitis can occur throughout the year. The symptoms can be caused by a variety of things including animal hair/dander, certain foods, feathers and dust mites.

Mometasone furorate works to reduce the inflammation and reduce the above symptoms.

For more information on What is Mometasone Furoate used for, click here.


Mometasone Furoate for Ear Infection

Mometasone can be used to help ear infections, generally located in the middle ear and or the Eustachian tube.

It has been shown that it reduces the swelling in the mucous membranes; these are openings that lead to the middle ear.

If the middle ear is inflamed and blocked it can cause symptoms that include –

loss of balance

hearing problems


While these symptoms and middle ear problems can be relieved by mometasone nasal spray, it is not recommended and you should consult your own GP.

Research has shown that the vast majority of middle ear problems are not solved by using decongestants.

Mometasone Furoate Side Effects

Like with all medicine, mometasone can cause side effects, but not everyone experiences them.

If you experience any of these side effects talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any not listed below.

Some people may experience sudden hypersensitivity reactions after use. These can sometimes be severe and should seek immediate medical help if you experience any of the following –


swollen face, tongue or pharynx

trouble swallowing

wheezing or trouble breathing

Some of the more common Mometasone Furoate Side Effects include –



Stuffy nose

Sore throat


Muscle or join pain


Nose/throat dryness or irritation

Mucus/phlegm with a blood tinge

Sores or white patches inside/outside the nose


Not known Mometasone Furoate Side Effects (the frequency cannot be determined from lack of data)

Eye pressure increase

Changes in taste and smell

Blurred vision

Mometasone Furoate and Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate

Mometasone Furoate and Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate, one is a steroid (Mometasone) and the other is a bronchodilator (Formoterol).

Mometasone is used to treat and prevent seasonal allergy symptoms (such as the ones listed above). It can also be used to treat certain growths that can appear in the nose, called polyps. Mometasone belongs to a group of drugs known as corticosteroids. Mometasone works by reducing the swelling in the nasal channels.

Corticosteroids, otherwise known as steroids are an anti-inflammatory prescribed for a whole range of conditions.

On the other hand, Formoterol Fumarate Dehydrate is a bronchodilator. When inhaled it relaxes the muscles in your airways, helping to improve your breathing. It’s usually combined with Budesonide, contained within an inhaler to help treat asthma and COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).


Can I Buy Mometasone Furoate Over the Counter

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Alternative to Mometasone Furoate Nasal Spray

Alternative to Mometasone Furoate Nasal Spray brand names, these include –




Propel Mini

Other alternative steroid sprays available –




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