Beclometasone Nasal Spray

  • Active Ingredient: beclometasone dipropionate
  • Relieves symptoms of allergic rhinitis
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation in the nasal passages
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How does Beclometasone work?

Beclometasone contains the active ingredient beclometasone dipropionate which is part of a group of medicines called steroids (also called corticosteroids). The steroids work by reducing inflammation, swelling and irritation in the nose and help to alleviate itching, sneezing and blocked/runny nose.

Beclometasone prevents and treats:

  • Inflammation in the lining of your nose (rhinitis) due to seasonal allergies, such as Hay fever.
  • Inflammation in the lining of your nose (rhinitis) due to year-round (perennial) allergies, such as animal allergies.

If you are prone to suffering from allergic rhinitis, there are symptoms associated with this that can affect you both in the day and in the night, impacting on your life. Using Beclometasone nasal spray will help to relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and other allergies. It works by being absorbed into the nasal passages which obstruct their ability to produce an allergic response.

It is recommended to start taking the spray 2-3 days before it is needed so that you benefit from its full effect.

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How much to use

  • The usual starting dose is 2 sprays into each nostril- twice a day with no more than 8 sprays within 24 hours.

As you start to feel become better and your symptoms lessen, your doctor may advise that you use a lower dose such as one spray into each nostril twice a day. However, if your symptoms begin to get worse, your dose may increase back to the original starting dose.

Please do not use a larger dose or use your nasal spray more often than instructed by your doctor.

To benefit from the maximum effects of Beclometasone, the spray should be used frequently while you are exposed to the allergy triggers so that your symptoms are kept under control.

Follow the instructions provided with the nasal spray and ensure to shake the bottle gently before each use.

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