Zineryt Solution

  • Treats Mild To Moderate Acne
  • Topical Antibiotic Solution
  • Active Ingredient: Erythromycin And Zinc
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How to use Zineryt Solution?

This medicine is specifically for the use of acne.

Before applying Zineryt, you must first wash the affected area. If you want to apply makeup, you must first use the medicine and allow this to dry.

Zineryt comes in a specific bottle with a unique applicator pad which makes it easier to apply the solution to the entirety of the affected area of skin to be treated. The applicator pad is protected by a cap that should be removed before use and firmly replaced after each application.

To apply Zineryt

• Begin by unscrewing the protective cap- hold the bottle upside down and place the pad against the skin.

• Spread the solution over the entire affected area (including the surrounding skin) – the flow of solution can be increased by pressing the pad a little more firmly against the skin.

• When used correctly the right amount of treatment should be applied however if you do put too much on you can blot this off with some tissue, ensuring it does not run into the eyes, nose or mouth- if this happens to wash well with plenty of water.

Duration of treatment

Effective treatment of acne can take several weeks or in some cases, several months. The average treatment time is 10-12 weeks however if you still have acne at the end of the prescribed course you should consult your doctor for further advice.


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