• Affective, Long-Term Acne Treatment
  • Active Ingredient: Oxytetracycline
  • Reduces Acne Infection, Allowing Spots To Heal
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How does it work?

Oxytetracycline is an antibiotic used to treat for acne. It fights bacteria on your skin by limiting the ability of bacteria to multiply which cause acne which present as inflammation and spots.

Taken over a course of several weeks, Oxytetracycline acne tablets improve the appearance of your skin.

How to take Oxytetracycline?

It is important to take the tablets at regular intervals and to take the full course to prevent the infection returning, unless your doctor advises otherwise.

Take two 250 mg pills twice a day, every day.

The tablets should be swallowed preferably with plenty of water on an empty stomach

(at least one hour before, or two hours after meals).

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