Acnecide Topical Aqueous gel

  • Get rapid, soothing relief from embarrassing Acne with Acnecide Topical Aqueous gel A fast acting anti-acne treatment. Get on with your day without the unsightly rash. Treat acne of the face,chest or back with this gel.


Product Description

Acnecide topical aqueous gel is a fast-acting treatment used for the symptoms of acne. The gel can be used to treat acne on the face, chest or back. It contains the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide which attacks the bacteria that forms blackheads and whiteheads (commonly known as spots) and which leads to acne.

What is Acne?

With acne hair follicles in the skin become blocked. Consequently bacteria can build up. Around the follicles are glands that release sebum. Sebum is used to lubricate the skin and hair. If the glands produce too much sebum a plug is formed. As a result the skin bulges our forming a blackhead.

How to treat Acne.

Benzoyl peroxide is effective in the treatment of acne as it reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin. It acts as an antiseptic and has an anti-inflammatory effect and is the main ingredient that makes up Acnecide topical aqueous gel.

Too much use of the gel can cause irritation to the skin so it is advised to use sparingly. In severe cases of acne, a treatment of antibiotics may be required and this will be determined by your doctor.

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Acnecide Topical Aqueous gel is for external use only. Please avoid contact with the eyes.


  • Clean the skin and ensure this is dry before application.
  • Apply in a thin layer of Acnecide Topical Aqueous gel once or twice daily (or as directed) to the affected areas- If you have sensitive skin you should be directed to apply the gel once daily before going to bed.
  • The extent of any drying or peeling may be adjusted by modifying the dosage schedule.


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