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  • Effective Travel Sickness Prevention
  • Blocks Nerve Messages To The Brain
  • Active Ingredient: Cinnarizine
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What are Sturgeon motion sickness tablets used for?

Sturgeon tablets are recommended for the treatment of motion sickness.

What is motion sickness.

Traveling by car, boat or plane can cause you to feel unwell. Your inner ear sends different messages to what you eyes are seeing. Consequently you may feel sick.

How can I ease motion sickness?

First you should miniseries motion, sit in the front of the car. Next, look straight ahead at a fixed point like the horizon. Open a window and breathe fresh air. Break up long journeys. Don’t look at mobile devices or moving objects such as waves. Finally, don’t eat heavy meals or drink alcohol. In addition use tablets like Sturgeon.


Stugeron 15 should preferably be taken after meals.

Adults, elderly and children over 12 years:

2 tablets 2 hours before you travel and 1 tablet every 8 hours during your journey.

Children 5 to 12 years:

One half the adult dose.

Method of administration: Oral

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