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Optrex ointment for infected eyes

  • Optrex infected eye ointment is used to treat acute bacterial conjunctivits.

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What is Optrex infected eye ointment used for?

Do you have an eye infection? Optrex ointment for infected eyes is used to treat acute bacterial conjunctivits.

The conjuctiva lines the inner surface of the eyelid and also covers the white part of the eye. An infection can cause swelling of the conjuctiva and is treated with Optrex ointment for infected eyes

What causes eye infections?

There are three causes of eye infections. Firstly bacteria can invade any part of the eye. Secondly, viruses can also infect the cornea and inner eyelid. Finally fungi can get established in the moist part of the eye. See your doctor if you suspect an eye infection. He will need to diagnose which type of infection you have.

Pink eye or conjunctivitis is contagious. It is spread easily. Often in day care centers where children interact.

Additionally, fungal keratitis is a fungal infection and It has been linked to contact lens solution.

Symptoms include red eyes. Secondly you may have eye discharge and watery eyes. You may experience eye pain.

How do you treat eye infections?

You should use antibiotic eye drops or ointments. Next, wash you hands if you have been near a person with red eye. Don’t touch you own eyes. Finally don’t share towels or flannels with an infected person. Contact lens wearers should use good hygiene, For example was you hands before handling them

How do you use Optrex ointment for infected eyes ?

Adults, children aged 2 years and over and elderly

The recommended dose is a small amount of ointment (~ 1cm) to be applied to the affected eye(s). The ointment should be applied either at night if eye drops are used during the day, or 3 to 4 times a day if eye ointment is used alone.

Your pharmacist will advise on the most suitable treatment. Treatment should continue for 5 days even if symptoms improve.

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