Weight Loss

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Weight loss can be considered a personal issue. Many people may be unhappy with their overall weight, and some may also need to lose weight due to health problems. The end goal for weight management should be reached by aiming for a healthy weight for your age and height and to be able to maintain it. This should be achieved by making everyday adjustments to your lifestyle which can be achieved through keeping active and watching what you eat. It is recommended you aim for at least 30 mins of exercise daily and sick to a healthy and nutritious diet.

You may be looking to lose weight for a special occasion or to improve your overall health. Whatever your reason, you should aim to lose weight in a healthy and natural way. If you lose weight too quickly, you may find it difficult to maintain and the weight can pile back on just as quick. If you have a high BMI (Body Mass Index), you could be at risk of serious health issues like, Diabetes, Stroke or even Cancer. Losing weight and maintaining it will reduce the risk of these health complications and prevent you from getting serious ill.

Sometimes lifestyle changes may not always work for you, and you may feel you need some additional help. Weight loss treatments are specifically designed if you have a higher than normal BMI, particularly over 30. We are currently able to offer a range of weight loss pills which work by blocking a third of fat in your food from being absorbed by your body and can ultimately help achieve overall weight loss.