Content Policy

Our policy on the editorial content we publish

Content Policy

The content on is available to the general public and healthcare professionals and aims to educate, offer reliable resources, promote a healthy lifestyle and provide information that is clear and easy to understand. 

Our editorial content aims to cover information relating to a number of ailments, infections, medicines and general health questions. However, the information on our website is by no means intended to replace the guidance of a medical professional and we urge members of the general public to still seek the appropriate medical advice.


At My Chemist Plus, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable information that is written in a way that is easily consumable and accessible to the general public. To ensure the trustworthiness of the information we supply, we source this from reputable organisations (including, but not limited to, the following examples):

  • The patient information leaflet produced by the manufacturer of the medicine, as published on the Electronic Medicines Compendium (eMC)
  • The British National Formulary (BNF)
  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
  • The NHS Website

Crediting sources

Where quotes, data or clinical research studies from external publications is cited, we will credit this source so that it’s clear that this information has not been put together by ourselves.

This will be made clear by either stating the name of the website, individual or organisation, providing a link to the original source of the information or by referencing the study/publication/research.

Our own research

My Chemist Plus will often credit sources of information, especially in the context of research studies. However, the majority of editorial content is put together following our own research. 

After researching using credible websites and information sources, we will compile content in a way that is easy to understand by people without any medical knowledge. This will be presented in a way that is balanced, educational and in the interest of promoting a healthy lifestyle to the reader.

Content production

While we strive to provide information that is easy to understand, we are also extremely committed to ensuring its accuracy.

The content that is included on our website has been properly researched using credible sources and websites, before being put together by one of our writers. It has been edited and reviewed by our Healthcare Professionals.

All images are sourced from a third-party provider, using royalty-free images. All copyright law is adhered to. 

At the time of publishing, all content is accurate, well-researched and deemed to be relevant to our audience. While we aim to ensure that our content is evergreen, certain topical or current references may age over time. However, the medical information contained within the article or page will remain reliable.

Where new medical information comes to light or where guidance or dosage instructions changes, we may update historical content to ensure its relevance. Our website content is reviewed periodically and updated where necessary.


My Chemist Plus offers clear and concise information on a number of ailments and medicines, and we often list medicines that we know are commonly prescribed. We also know that members of the public may have questions about how one medicine works compared to another, and we aim to answer those questions by comparing factors such as effectiveness, tolerance and therapeutic benefit.

However, we do not endorse any one particular brand, product or medicine over another. Any brands listed are for the purpose of education and we still encourage readers to discuss the use of any medicine with a medical professional.

Promotion of services

My Chemist Plus is a private prescription service and online pharmacy where members of the general public can find information and then request appropriate prescription medications/treatment, where applicable. 

Through our own content, we may promote the service that we offer, as well as provide information on related external organisations and services.

Medical terminology

The main aim of the content on the our website is to make medical information accessible. We strive to create content that is digestible, educational, accessible and reliable.

In the interest of education, we may occasionally use medical terminology or “jargon”. However, we do not assume a base level of knowledge from our readers and because of this, any medical terms will be explained in plain English following its use.


The content on our website is designed to provide an overview of medical conditions, medicines and other related health topics. It is not designed to serve as an anecdotal or personal account platform and as such, we don’t include personal information within our content.

My Chemist Plus will never disclose details of any private correspondence between us and an individual or organisation. For further information please see our privacy policy.

Sensitive issues

We are aware that many readers will be exploring sensitive issues online, due to the anonymous nature of the platform. As such, we put extra care into any content that is deemed to be of a sensitive or sexual nature.

We are committed to approaching such issues with tact and care, while still encouraging readers to have open and honest conversations with their Doctor/Pharmacist, where appropriate.

Offensive content

The content on our website covers a wide range of topics, including those of a sensitive or intimate nature. While we may discuss such topics at length (and offer information and advice where we can), we will never do so in a way which could offend.

Our images are also carefully selected to accompany the content produced. Sometimes these images may include educational diagrams, however, we will never use graphic images or images which could cause offence.