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Having a dental emergency when you don’t have access to a dentist can be a very difficult situation. If you live in Bedford and are unable to see a dentist, our online prescribers are here for you. We can help manage any pain and discomfort you may been feeling by prescribing you the appropriate dental treatment as fast as possible which can be posted directly to you.

The pandemic has now left many people in Bedford unable to access dental treatment as easily as they would have been able to before. Thousands of people were left with appointments being cancelled which resulted in them missing regular dental check-ups, which has in turn affected their dental health. Our mission is to help the people of Bedford to be able to access urgent treatment for any dental emergencies especially if you are unable to see a dentist. 

Unfortunately, tooth pain can have an effect on your sleep and even everyday life. We know when things go wrong with your teeth, you may need assistance urgently in being able to manage any infection or discomfort as quickly as possible. Our online consultations are designed to make it easy for you to be able to access advice and treatment without having to be registered with a dentist. Our prescribers will review your symptoms and can arrange medication and antibiotics accordingly. Whether you have a tooth ache, bleeding gums or even a dental abscess, we have made our services easy to access for most dental emergencies.

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