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If you reside in or around Bath and have a dental emergency, our online prescribers can help you manage any discomfort and pain you are feeling around your teeth by prescribing you treatment and medication which can be supplied directly to you and as fast as possible.

Since the covid pandemic, many dental appointments were cancelled and never rearranged, which resulted in thousands of people missing the chances of seeing a dentist for regular check-ups with some people even completely loosing access to their dentist. Our mission is to help you access urgent treatment for any dental emergencies if you are unable to see a dentist locally in Bath. 

Tooth ache can be caused by a number of different issues and can range from being mild to excruciating. Unfortunately, the pain can affect your sleep and sometimes even your quality of life. We understand when things go wrong with your teeth, you need urgent assistance with managing any sensitivity and discomfort right away. Our virtual consultations make it easy for people to access advice and treatment without having to register with a dentist. Our online prescribers work hard to deliver you the treatment you need so you can start to feel better in no time.

We would always recommend seeing a dentist for any long term or sever dental issues, however, our online prescribers can arrange medication and antibiotics according to your symptoms. Whether you have a dental abscess or bleeding gums, we can prescribe the appropriate treatment for you for your convenience.

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