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When it comes to issues with your teeth, one of the most common problems people suffer with is tooth decay. Unfortunately, if dental issues are not treated as soon as possible, they can lead to unpleasant symptoms such as pain and infection. At My Chemist Plus we have a wide range of treatments to help with dental issues right here in Basingstoke.

In these current times the reality of getting seen by a dentist in Basingstoke you’ll agree, is somewhat painstaking. Our prescribers can offer you virtual consultations which makes it an ideal solution to get you the treatment you need as quickly as possible without leaving the comfort of your home.

Our online consultations are perfect for allowing you the convenience to fit around your busy schedule and are completely hassle free so you can get back to your day with no downtime. When it comes to tooth infections, urgent assistance is always necessary. Our online prescribers can prescribe treatment urgently for dental emergencies to stop your conditions from getting worse.

We would recommend you only use our service in an emergency to receive urgent treatment and not as a replacement for routine dental check-ups. We advise you to get seen by a dentist for any severe dental issues.

Our online prescribers can review your symptoms after your consultation and use the information to provide you the right advice and treatment. Our prescriptions for medication and antibiotics can be delivered directly to you by post, so you can start treatment and feel better in no time.

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