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Tooth decay is one of the main causes of abscesses which can then lead to unpleasant symptoms and discomfort if not treated urgently. My Chemist Plus have a wide range of treatments and medication to help with dental emergencies which we can supply to you directly in Basildon.

If you are experiencing any dental emergencies, the reality of getting seen by a dentist in Basildon seems harder than it sounds. Our online prescribers can offer virtual consultations which makes it an ideal solution to save you from lengthy wait times trying to get a dentist appointment.

Our virtual consultations are perfect for allowing you the convenience of getting the treatment you need from the comforts of your own space. Our services can fit in with your busy day and are completely hassle free. When it comes to tooth infections, urgent assistance is necessary. Our prescribers can arrange prescription online to stop your condition from worsening.

We would like to remind our customers that this service should only be used in emergency to receive urgent treatment. We would always recommend you get seen by a dental professional for any long-term dental issues as these can get much worse if not treated appropriately.

Our online prescribers will review your symptoms and will use the information from your consultation to provide you adequate treatment. We can facilitate prescription and the delivery of antibiotics directly to you by post, so you can begin treatment as soon as possible without having to leave your home.

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